August 29 Truro to Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park NS


The last day! 6980 kilometres pedaled. Many rest stops, meals, and people who hosted with meals and accommodations. 53 times the tent was put up and taken down. 55 times mattresses blown up and deflated; 55 times sleeping bags rolled out and rolled up.

DSC_0002 (1024x291)

Our 2nd rest stop of the day was hosted by Faith Community (CRC) Church in Milford Station. It was a cold morning so the hot delicious soups and buns were much appreciated.

At rest stop 5 we were to wait and gather until all the cyclists had arrived. We were approximately 7 km from the finish! Cyclists waited, enjoying snacks and relaxing on the grass. The last one they were waiting for was 81 year old Jim.

Eagerly, when we knew Jim was nearing the first staging area, a number of people cycled to the Final Staging Area, approx. 3 km from Lawrencetown Beach.

IMG_2986 (1024x316)

Two RCMP vehicles arrived to escort the group. Billy, on his motorcycle, then the RCMP car, followed by cyclists (Jim taking the lead with Stuart and Gary B) and all the vehicles and the 2nd RCMP car.  A long train for 3 kilometres! Cars pulled over on the other side of the road to watch.


We were greeted by people cheering at the Lawrencetown Beach parking lot. Before going to dip tires, we posed for a final group picture, then created a circle for prayer, and recited the Lord’s Prayer one final time.

DSC_0040 (1024x685)

IMG_0926 (1280x376)


IMG_2999Then on over the boardwalk to the ocean, where we lined up and dipped our tires in. What a lot of exuberance!! We had finished this long journey!

DSC_0056 (2) (685x1024)


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