August 11 and 12 Peterborough to Godfrey to Ottawa

Hills and more hills: Way back in the early spring Teresa and I drove part of today’s route in reverse from Tweed to Peterborough. I had no idea what it was going to be like the day before. For a couple of weeks, I have been warning people when we get into Northern Ontario we are going to get a lot of hills, and they are going to be rolling with very little breaks.

Thursday and Friday was a lot of hills and some very steep hills that were over 12% grade. In the mountains, you get into a small gear and you pedal that for the next couple of hours. Here you are always working your gears even to maximize your speed down the hill to get up the next one. A lot of the riders were very tired of Ontario hills after Friday night.

A special treat was meeting up with Felicia and Marian in Godfrey. (Verona) We enjoyed a supper out with them. Thanks for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.

Saturday the route was a little hilly in the beginning, but flattened out quickly. I started the ride with Darren Roorda, the Canadian Executive of the CRC church. We biked together for the first 25 km to the first rest stop.

Around 70 kms I met up with the Corner family in Perth. Great greetings from them to the riders! Nice to take a break and wait for Teresa to arrive. After that it was a hard push to Ottawa.


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