August 9 and 10 Meaford to Orillia to Peterborough

What busy days as we travel across Ontario. We enjoyed an evening sunset at the campground near Meaford, then traversed through small towns and some bike trails to Orillia. In Collingwood, we met up with dear friends Laurie and Murray at the Collingwood CRC rest stop. Then in Orillia Mom and Dad Ponsen and Gloria and Ed met up with us and enjoyed dinner at camp. Great to connect with friends and family. We have been blessed with meals and rest stops from various churches.

Today, August 10, we had lunch in Lindsay, hosted by Jennings CRC and supper and accommodations at Peterborough Living Hope CRC hosted by Cephas and Living Hope. They shared about a “Cook with Me” program they run in a school nearby, and about a city-wide program in which they have a vision to incorporate the city of 80,000 in making 1 million meals that can be used locally, and overseas.

Free haircuts were available in Orillia and Peterborough. Many availed themselves of this opportunity to freshen up, including Andrew and me.

And a shout out to Dan Ponsen. Hope you had a great birthday today!!

Tomorrow we continue our long trek across Ontario, with an early 6:30am start on the road.


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