August 8 2017 Tobermory to Meaford

Day 38 (3)

Last night I was told about a bike store in Owen Sound, by one of the other riders, who has a friend who lives in the area. A previous bike mechanic said I needed a new rear derailleur and he did not have one in stock. Teresa brought one up with her so that all I needed to do is find a bike store to install it for me.


I biked hard all day so that I would get there for them to install it. Only one thing, Owen Sound CRC was hosting us for lunch at one of the member’s greenhouses which was on the route. I almost missed it; I turned around and went back and they were all so happy to see me because I was the first person there. I told them the reason why I was in a hurry and they understood. I still took an egg salad wrap which was delicious.

I got to the bike store and they repaired my bike and it made a difference in my rear shifting.

Tonight, one of the rider’s (Wayne) daughters came to visit and together they bought pies and ice-cream for dessert. Dessert is a treat since we only get dessert on special occasions and when someone brings it.


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