August 7 2017 Batman’s Cottages and Campground to Tobermory

Day 37 (19).JPG

The shortest day on the ride was today, in mileage biked. We only had to bike 55 km and were on the ferry for another 50 km’s or so. This was my 4th time on the Chi Cheemaun, but it was so cool to be part of a large group of bikers walking onto the boat and taking up a whole car parking ramp for our bikes.


Day 37 (26).JPGTeresa Hoekstra from Chatham who rode in previous Sea to Sea rides wanted us to feel the same special greeting she received back then, so she and her husband rode the ferry to Baymouth, and held up a sign we could see as the boat docked. Then, on the ferry ride to Tobermory, they proceeded to give a roll of King peppermints to each participant in Sea to Sea. What a treat. In addition, someone paid for all the Sea to Sea people to receive an ice-cream for free on the ferry ride.  It was announced over the speaker system to come to an area and get our free ice-cream. Yumm!

We also had a first in arriving at camp all together, since the campground was only 3 km from the ferry docks.

Last week we did a total of 908.4 km which is our biggest week so far, and I did my longest ride ever 173.6 km. Average speed 27.2 km/hr. 4,324m of climbing.



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