Aug 1-6 Michigan to Ontario

Day 32 (20)

This week has been a very busy week; and where to start.

As you may know we all are put on a service team, and each service team is assigned a leader and that happens to be me, for my service team. Each week we are assigned a new service to perform. So far my team has done loading kitchen truck, loading gear truck, camp sweep (looking for anything somebody forgot to pack and then put it in lost and found) hydration, camp set-up and this week is supper prep. Which means at 4:00 pm we must help the kitchen staff and cook the supper meal. This does not leave a lot of time to do your blogging when you arrive at camp.

On Thursday Teresa arrived in camp, so I was helping her to get organized and orientated to the routine of camp.

Today is Sunday and we have lots of free time today. Sleep in, church at our campsite, laundry, blogging, resting, and avoiding the intermittent rain. Church consisted of a few songs, a reading of Psalm 121 and sharing how we can see God’s faithfulness through community, through creation, and through keeping us from spiritual harm. We also acknowledged his faithfulness in giving us eternal life through Jesus His Son, and keeping His promises.

Tuesday to Thursday we went through some of Michigan’s State parks, in the Upper Peninsula. On Tuesday I had two deer that crossed in front of my path, one of them stood on the road and dared me to take her picture. By the time I got my camera out she took off.

Enjoy some of the pictures taken during these last few days.

On Friday we crossed the border back into Canada and more important for us, our home province. I did mention that Teresa is now part of the bike mission, so you will get her perspective as well.

What a great feeling to be home, enjoying our Canadian shield and landscape.

Tomorrow we go on the Chi Cheemaun ferry to go to Tobermory. Looking forward to a shorter biking distance and the ferry ride.


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