July 31 Ashland WI to Ewen MI

Since we passed the halfway mark, I reminded a number of people that they need to check their chain if it required replacing due to the wear (stretching). To their surprise many noticed their chain was stretched and they needed a new one. Our third rest stop was right in front of Ironwood Bicycle and Ski Shop. They were very busy this morning helping a number of bikers in our group. I even had them fine tune my bike, since I had already changed my chain on the weekend.

Day 32 (17)

Today we went into our third sate Michigan.

Tonight, we were hosted by the all the churches in Ewen, it was a really neat experience. They served us some food, called pasties; meat and spices with a pastry dough around them. The miners would take with them in the mines. We also had salads and desserts. It was all good.

Last week’s total 796.0 km. longest ride 160.6 km. Average speed of 27.1 and 2180 m of climbing.


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