July 28 Grand Rapids MN to Carlton MN

Last night in Grand Rapids MN they had stock car racing going on just around the corner from us. At times we had a hard time hearing Peter (chaplain) and Ed (manager) speaking to us during the peloton meeting; and we were using a PA system. Some of the riders went early to watch the races and had to pay to get in. I went after the peloton and service group meetings. Being that we were late, Doug and I did not have to pay, and we still ended up being able to watch four races. A fun and noisy affair.


Nine new riders joined us for this leg of the ride in the USA, as well as nine additional support crew. Glad to have them on board.

Today we biked over the Mississippi River twice. Hard to believe it goes so far and gets so big. And yet here it seems more like a creek. We ended in Carlton MN. The schools that we have been staying at (tonight at Carlton High school) have been great for accommodations.

Unbelievable that tomorrow is Saturday and another week is done. But first we have to bike another 157 km. A half hour earlier start in the morning for this long distance. We will be heading into Wisconsin.


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