July 22 Portage to Winnipeg

Best Ride Ever

Today I had one of the most amazing rides ever! We had a tail wind and flat roads. Sometimes during the first 95 km of the ride I was holding 40 km/hr. My average for the first 95 km was 33.6 km/hr. The last 18 km was in the city and through the pathways of the city so I ended with an overall average of 29.2 km/hr.


At the end I was riding with 3 others and since we were a little early we stopped at Tim’s for a coffee. All day the sky looked like rain. As we left Tim’s we only had another 2 km to go and the sky  opened and the rain came down; we were drenched.

July 22 drenched and taking cover in the gear truck..JPG

Winnipeg is one of the locations family could send care packages and mail for the riders. I received three different packages, one from my beautiful loving wife Teresa, another from my two grandchildren Jayden and Brooke, (I am sure mom and dad (Cheryl and Dan) helped them 🙂 as well from my sister-in-law Caroline Kralt  and family. These gifts and words from home came at the perfect time. Thank you.

In the evening, we went to a Native Centre for a delicious supper of beef, moose and bannock. Afterward there were some dances as well as some activities so that we could immerse ourselves for the evening into the indigenous culture. We had a choice in activity (paint a butterfly, pipe smoke ceremony, make a medicine bag and or join in a reconciliation circle. I chose the Round Circle for reconciliation. What they want to do is have 200 of these round circles happen over the next couple of years. They work this way; equal number of native to non-native and you meet for 10 times for about 75 minutes each time and conversation is around reconciliation. We were only able to meet for 20 minutes due to time, but it was about introducing us to the process, and it was good.

Discovering fellowship and learning about people and their communities along the way has been a good eye opener so far across this vast land we call Canada. And we are only four weeks in. Five more weeks to go! Please pray for our Sunday day of rest where we will have opportunity to worship at one church and enjoy lunch with them. And be blessed by another church that will bring supper to the Christian High School we are staying at.  Pray for our health and especially Tuesday as we bike into the USA, (Minnesota) that everything goes smoothly at the border.

Final numbers for the week:  Total 686.6 km. Longest ride 133 km. Average speed 27.6 km/hr. 1387 m of climbing.

Daily Route and devotions: http://seatosea.org/daily-tour-info/

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